2017.12.28 《Japan office NEW YEAR'S HOLIDAY》
JET8 Japan office will be closed for Japanese New Year's holiday from 29 Dec 2017. We will start operations from 4 Jan 2018 at 9:00 am. The period of new year is considered busy for shipments from/to Japan. Please contact us in advance to accommodate your urgent logistical requests.
2017.10.10 《Payment accepted in USD, EURO, SGD and JPY》
JET8 can arrange;
・Preparing the shipping cost estimate in English
・Sending billing invoice in English
・Contacting shipper or consignee in English or other local languages
・Accepting payments by bank T/T or credit card
2017.9.20 [Notice for CRO domestic storage and transportation service plan in Japan]
JET8 is planning domestic storage of temperature control and transportation for Bio pharmaceutical ,CRO in Japan.Our accumulating knowledge in international temperature controlled shipment will apply to CRO Japan domestic transportation as well as Japan domestic storage.We are waiting for customer’s request and inquiry .
2017.9.14 [Notice for hazardous materials analysis and handling]
JET8 started hazardous materials analysis service through our popular international temperature controlled transporation called Cool 24.We can handle and analyze transporation of dangerous and hazardous products even for substance without SDS(safety data sheet)or MSDS.Our qualified DG specialist will assit clients for their various DG transporation and storage inquiries.If you have any trouble for air transport of dangerous goods,please feel free to contact us.
2017.2.20 [Comeback campaign] We can offer very reliable operation on Dry Ice shipments with IATA approved packing materials, which are handled by IATA DG diploma. Now comeback campaign is implemented. Please feel free to contact
2016.5.20 We have third party logistics result(3PL) of Japanese proces foods. Our oversea client requested to us to arrange purchase, packing, air transportation and customs clearance. We can provide this service speedy and helpful your business.
2016.2.5 Additional IATA approved Dry-shipper containers are available for transportation of frozen samples (including bio-medical samples such as human embryo, egg, and sperm) which requires storage and transportation with liquid nitrogen (-190 Degree Celsius). JET8 provides all-in-one package which includes prior cooling for the tank, re-filling Liquid Nitrogen, chartered pickup, delivery, as well as international Door-to-Door transportation.