JET8News - for 2008

The shipping request for "Monde Selection 2009" is closed now. JET8 will receive shipping request for "Monde Selection 2010" from 1 October 2009. Please send your request in advance to avoid congestions before the deadline.
Important notice for all the customers intending to ship international package that contains unauthorized pharmaceutical compounds such as investigational agent, clinical trial medicine, products with refined petroleum compounds, fine chemical or synthetic resin material. Due to increased import restrictions and enforced compliance requirements for various countries, the pre-shipment investigation and preparation takes longer. Please allow for enough time well in advance for a smooth transaction!
JET8 has started accepting frozen/refrigerated shipments for "Monde Selection 2009".
Strict import and custom clearance is applied to most countries recently. Due to recent food safety incidents such as higher than approved toxin detected in food products, or the distribution of unauthorized pharmaceutical compounds, there are stricter than usual import and custom clearance regulations in place at most countries. Please be aware of the longer than usual custom and quarantine clearance procedure and prepare your package accordingly.
The English version of the JET8 Web site is now online. For residents of those countries outside of Japan, please feel free to contact JET8 in English or Japanese.
The JET8 home page has been updated. Now you can apply for shipments online, making the application process that much more simple and quick!
JET8 has started taking requests for shipments from abroad into Japan.
JET8's Cool 24 corporate clients have passed the 100 company mark.
JET8 has established its first regional sales office in Nagoya.
Concluded a contract to ship experimental samples with one of Japan's largest Pharmaceutical companies.
The Cool 24 Delivery Service has been bolstered to meet the needs of any low-temperature shipment, be it a perishable foodstuff, a medical or research sample, or any other shipment which requires low temperatures maintained from origin to destination. The Cool 24 Delivery Service includes arranging all necessary paperwork, shipping from door-to-door and working with local customs agents and brokers to ensure smooth passage through customs and quarantine.
JET8 has begun to support bioventures with shipments such as antibodies and medicines and treatments based on antibodies.
JET8 has expanded the number of countries and locations it will accept frozen (-25℃ or -70℃) and refrigerated (from 2℃ to 9℃) shipments to.
JET8's working days and office hours have been changed to the following:

[Working days] Monday through Friday, except for national holidays.
[Office hours] 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. for new inquiries. Office hours may be extended to work with a client on a present shipment.