JET8News - for 2009

JET8 year end holiday is from 31 Dec.2009 - 3 Jan.2010. While we are open on 30 December, it would be difficult to ship your products on the same day flight, depending on the requirements such as volume or temperature control conditions. Please give your shipment extra margin of days than usual. For more details, contact our service staff.
JET8 is accepting food and tobacco shipments for the 2010 Monde Selection show. The applications are due by 8 December. Please note that applications are due earlier this year compared to last year.
Announcement of Cool24 Campaign! For those customers who used JET8 service during 1-30 November, JET8 is giving out complementary JPY5,000 travel certificates.
JET8 starts accepting applications for the 2010 iTQi contest. The iTQi is an organizer known for its high standard food competition worldwide. JET8’s trained staff will handle the shipment, along with organizing the complex procession of international application. The iTQi is highly recommended for customers who are also considering presentation at the Monde Selection show.
JET8 starts accepting shipments, along with entry application forms for the Monde Selection 2010. Customers seeking assistance on international bank transfer and complex application process, please feel free to contact JET8. With a range of experience, our trained staff will help exporting frozen/ refrigerated shipment to Belgium such as sweets, fresh fish, and so on.
JET8 is now dealing with a range of new countries for the “Cool24” shipping service. In order to meet customer needs, JET8 can support frozen and refrigerated import shipments to Japan including fresh food, pharmaceutical reagents, medicine, soil samples, etc. Please contact us for details.
Improvements made on temperature control and logistical qualities for our “Cool 24” express service to the following 15 countries: Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Netherland, UK, Germany, and the United States.
JET8 will shortly close the shipping-requests for shipments to "Superior Taste Award" at the "International Taste & Quality Institute" (iTQi). Please contact JET8 office directly for any urgent request.
JET8 has started accepting credit cards on payments (VISA and Master cards only). Please make sure you inform JET8 in advance to process any credit card payment.
Notice to all businesses intending to cut-down logistical and international shipping costs without reducing the service quality. JET8 can reduce your overseas international shipping cost through fast and reliable service that is economical. Please compare the JET8 Global24 fees with your current service to see how much you can save!
JET8 has started shipping frozen and refrigerated sample products from food and hygienic laboratories, including sample products on the analysis of component, chemical compositions.