JET8News - for 2011

JET8 is pleased to provide scholarship to KMUTT Japan Visit Program 2011 at Thailand's King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT): School of Engineering. JET8 sponsored the Japan visit for 2 Thai students during 21-31 Oct 2011. The program is to promote Japan-Thai relationship, as well as pioneering in developing a Global Asian leader through the Japan visit and its human resource development program.
KMUTT School of Engineering (Thailand)
Japan Program Visit 2011 Summary Report and news
Significant improvement for JET8 Cool24 service from Japan to Italy, Poland and Australia. Improvements on temperature control shipment as well as shorter local delivery service for these 3 countries. Due to strong need of the shipment of food sample, regular service of food sample to Italy, Poland and Australia. Contact us fordetails.
JET8 Japan office will be closed for end of year Japanese holiday from 30 Dec 2011 - 3 Jan 2012. We accept COOL24 cargo untill 29 Dec 2011 and GLOBAL24 cargo until 30 Dec 2011, and starting to accept from 4 January 2012.
In order to assist flood-affected business operators, JET8 Japan and Thailand will accept the shipment of emergency parts, machinery and material from Japan to Thailand. Please contact us with details.
JET8 can arrange for all your shipments for overseas exhibition, including samples of food, cosmetic, chemical and machinery products. We can provide competitive, fast and reliable service to deliver your sample products to oversea expo sites
JET8 Expanding in Thailand.
JET8 Thailand is capable of conducting import clearance/BOI/EPZ application fast and smooth. JET8 Thailand is also capable of delivering chilled and frozen shipment of food, chemical, and bio-products within Thailand. Contact us for details.
JET8 has successfully shipped live laboratory rodents to China. JET8 Japan is able to assist in the shipment of laboratory animals from major airports from Japan. Please contact JET8 Japan Office for details.
Selected Japanese Kawaii goods are now available at “omiyage-japan” site. With a click, you are able to purchase a Kawaii cute Japanese stationary, cosmetic, and selected food and beverages. New goods are added every week! JET8 will arrange for all the international shipments.URL:
New low insurance rate is offered for the unique JET8 COOL24 Special Clause Cargo Insurance , covering for any damage or quality deterioration for international chilled/frozen shipments.
JET8 USA Office is now operational in Michigan, USA. JET8 will provide its COOL24 service of chilled and frozen international shipment from USA.
JET8 will be organizing a special travel package for Japanese participants at Monde Selection 50th anniversary ceremony along with the exceptional Closing Ceremony in Brussels from 22- 27 May 2011. Contact JET8 for details.
JET8 will be providing the COOL24 chilled and frozen international service post earthquake and tsunami despite the schedule blackout and electric power shortage in East Japan during the summer 2011.
The shipments from Japan are expecting delays due to potential test and extra certifications with respect to radiological contamination and radiation effects. In order to arrange for a smooth delivery of your package from Japan, please contact JET8 in advance with the shipment details.
Following the devastating M9.0 earthquake, shipments out of Narita Airport is experiencing delays and disruption. Through proactive measures, JET8 is arranging shipments out of Japan through its West Japan Office.Please contact us at JET8 West Japan Office at TEL:+81-(0)761-22-4351, Email :
Due to public transport disruption in Tokyo and suburb of Tokyo, JET8 Tokyo Office is closed on closed on 14 March and 15 March 2011. Please contact us through email with your inquiry and contact information. Thank you for your understanding.
【Global24 Special Price for India】
JET8 is offering a special shipping cost for packages from Japan to India.During our India cargo campaign period (1 March 2011 to 31 May 2011), JET8is offering a special 25% discount for packages more than 21kg bound forIndia. Any corporate/individual person could take advantage of our special 25% Off Global24 India campaign to ship various cargo such as machineryparts, documents or other general cargo.
Please note that we are expecting a system upgrade on 22 February 2011 between 9:00 to 13:00. For any urgent inquiries, please email/call us outside the maintenance time.
JET8 is accepting applications for the shipment of food and beverage samples for the prestigious European Superior Taste Award: International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi). Please visit our iTQi site for the applicable deadline and JET8 shipment process.
JET8 is offering a unique insurance package for temperature controlled shipments. With the optional enrollment of "JET8 COOL24 Special Clause Insurance", your package is insured at 110% CIF for any temperature volatility during our chilled/frozen international shipments to and from Japan. Please contact us for details.