JET8News - for 2014

《Global24 rate revision》 As of 5 Jan 2015, JET8 Global24 international shipping rate will be revised. Please download the revised 2015 rate from here.
JET8 Japan office will be closed for Japanese New Year's holiday from 30 Dec 2014 at 12:00noon. We will start operations from 5 Jan 2015 at 9:00 am. The beginning of the year is considered busy for shipments from/to Japan. Please contact us in advance to accommodate your urgent logistical requests.
The power bond between JET8 Myanmar and JET8 Thailand provides customers the easier and better border line transportation of any cargo between two countries. Logistical service between Thailand and Myanmar is followed up by trucking services, ATA Carnet services, in-land transportation with best declaration of custom clearance, license applications and necessary documents.
JET8 Myanmar is now providing logistics services worldwide. One stop freight forwarding services, export/import custom clearance, re-exporting, special order (DG cargo) transporting, special cargo (fresh meats/fish, medical products, blood sample and heavy machines) by any mode of transportation from/to Myanmar. As well as FDA documentations and international sales and marketing (distribution and marketing survey) services.
JET8 can handle the packing and international shipment of special medical device and precision instruments. In addition to temperate controlled packing, aa vacuum-sealed packing could also be arranged to control a living organism in the sample. Temperate, humidity and shock monitors could also be arranged.
Ebola outbreak is affecting custom and quarantine process in not just African countries but EU, North American and Asian countries. Contact us in advance for your COOL24 shipping inquires.
Chilled and Frozen COOL24 international service from Japan to Spain can now handle a large range of bio-medical products,medical devices as well as chemical substances.
《Monde Selection 2015》Application and shipping schedule for Monde Selection 2015 Awards is uploaded on our website. We recommend clients to apply in advance before the deadline.
《Monde Selection 2014》 Awards Ceremony was held in Bordeaux, France on 2 June 2014. Awards medals and trophy for the recipients are delivered to us, we are going to send them soon.
Currently, we are experiencing overwhelming number of COOL24 shipping inquiries. Clients are requested to contact us in advance, giving us enough time for arrangement of COOL24 shipments. Especially, new clients with new cargo commodities bound for new destinations are requested to contact us in advance and understand possible delay in our response.